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Frequently Asked Questions


♥ 100% Made in the USA with precious metal supplied from one of the biggest precious metal wholesaler in the USA owned by BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC. No Cadmium in our Jewelry. 14K Gold Filled, 14K Rose Gold Filled, Sterling Silver .925 with Nickel Free and 14 karat Solid Gold (yellow, white, and rose).


Handmade Takes Time

Every piece is handmade to order in our Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey studio.

♥ How long does it take to receive my order? All orders (except voucher redemption orders from Daily Deal Sites such as Groupon and Living Social) leave our studio in about 5-7 business days. Therefore, US customers can expect to receive packages in about 2 weeks from the day of purchase. However, orders made by voucher codes will be shipped according to each website's vouchers/redemption details. International customers can expect to receive the package in 2-3 weeks to receive the package. However, it can take longer since different countries have different customs regulations.

♥ Can I expedite shipping? Yes, at checkout, you can choose either 'PRIORITY MAIL (2~3 Days)' OR 'EXPRESS (1~2 Days)' options to have the package delivered ASAP (US only).

♥ I've made a purchase few days ago. Can I have a tracking number? Please log in to your account to see your tracking number. We also send you a tracking number by email once your package ships out. For all International orders, we email Customs Form number to each customer once the item is shipped. Please note that you can track your package with your customs form number through http://www.usps.com/ up to US borders only.

♥ What Carrier do you use? All our items are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service).

♥ I have purchased vouchers from a Daily Deal Site (i.e. Groupon and Living Social), when can I expect my package? It takes up to 3 weeks to process and 2~5 business days USPS to deliver your package. Therefore, please place your order according to this turn around time.


♥ What payment methods do you accept? We accept major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover) and PayPal. If you are paying with the credit card, you do not need a PayPal account to place your order. Please note that PayPal is a form of a payment but also our shopping cart name which you can purchase with your credit card. Credit Card Payment processed by Paypal.com Inc. through 256-Bit SSL encrypted Secure Server for highest security in the net.
♥ We do not take personal checks.


♥ I already made a purchase but forgot to use my coupon code. Can I still get a discount? Sorry, but if you already made a purchase, we cannot give a discount. However, we have plenty of promotions through our newsletters and Facebook, so please consider signing up for our newsletter and join our Facebook page for your future purchases. If you have a trouble finding a place to put the coupon code, please stop your ordering process and contact us before placing your order.

♥ I have more than one coupon codes / voucher codes. Can I use them toward my one order? Sorry, only ONE Coupon Code or Voucher Code can be used toward ONE TRANSACTION and/or ORDER.

♥ Coupon codes cannot be combined with any other offers.

♥ Coupon Codes / Voucher Codes cannot be applied to previous orders.

♥ Can coupon codes or voucher codes used toward shipping fee and taxes? No, coupon codes and voucher codes are used only toward product purchases.


♥ Can you stamp on the back of the name charms? All our hand stamped jewelry can only be stamped on one side except for a double sided guitar pick and a thick heart charm. All characters have fairly deep impressions which leave slight embossed marks on the back. Therefore, only one side can be stamped.

♥ Do you gift wrap? All our items are shipped in a Gift Box with a satin/velvet jewelry pouch and a small jewelry polishing pad. It's perfect for a gift giving in any occasions.

♥ The item I would like to purchase is a GIFT for someone else. Can you ship directly to that person? Yes, if you would like the item to be shipped to someone else as a gift, please simply write the gift receiver's shipping address in the Shipping Address next to Billing Address. We do not send the invoice in the package since you can log into your account to see your invoice.

♥ How do I care for the sterling silver or 14K gold filled jewelry I buy from your store? With proper care, you can enjoy sterling silver and 14k gold filled jewelry for a life time. You can store your jewelry in a zip lock bag provided to avoid getting tarnished (oxidized). Once tarnished, you can easily remove them by using a good quality, soft jewelry polishing cloth/pad provided with each purchase. You can wash with soap after polishing your jewelry for extra shine. All jewelry should avoid contact with chlorine, perfume and other harsh chemicals so you can enjoy your jewelry or a long time after the purchase.


♥ Humidity and chemicals in the air can cause silver, a metal, to lose its beautiful luster. Silver may also become tarnished upon exposure to salt, wool, felt, rubber bands, carpet padding, sulfur in the air, latex gloves, and oily residue left by our hands and fingers. Even food could tarnish your silver jewelry, too. Tarnish-inducing food include onions, eggs, mayonnaise, and salad dressing. The tarnish may turn the jewelry black and may also be rubbed off on the skin or clothing. A few people with especially moist skin may find that the sterling silver stains their skin green. This is due to the copper component of the silver alloy. When this occurs you should polish your jewelry frequently and use an absorbent powder on those moist skin areas which come into contact with your jewelry.


- 9 WAYS TO CLEAN YOUR SILVER JEWELRY - * Cleaning * Buffing * Importance of Prompt * Cleaning * Polish * Toothpaste * Baking soda * Bath * Salt * Storage Silver is a beautiful, versatile metal, and its soft luster adds a touch of elegance to dishes, flatware, and jewelry. Unfortunately, silver is also pretty fragile compared to many more commonly-used metals, and it can quickly develop tarnish, stains, or scratches. It can also be a bit scary to try to clean silver pieces because they are so delicate. However, you don't have to be a professional or use expensive tools to clean your silver yourself. Here are some steps to help you keep your silver shining. Steps as follows:

* Method 1 of 9. Cleaning: Clean your silver jewelry often, and clean it promptly after use. Silver jewelry that is frequently used rarely has tarnish problems. When tarnish is not yet present, or when it's just beginning to develop, simply wash your silver jewelry in warm (not hot) water with a gentle, phosphate-free detergent. Wash separately. It's a good idea to wash silver separately from your other dishes because metal sinks and utensils can scratch silver jewelry, and stainless steel can damage the finish if it comes into contact with your silver jewelry. Avoid using rubber gloves when washing silver, as rubber corrodes silver jewelry.

* Method 2 of 9. Buffing: Use a soft cloth to gently rub the silver clean, and dry promptly with a soft towel. Gently buff the shine into dull silver jewelry with a soft cotton cloth.

* Method 3 of 9. Importance of Prompt Cleaning: Clean promptly. Prompt cleaning is especially important when the silver jewelry has been exposed to certain foods containing sulfur, or those which are acidic or salty. In particular, common foods such as table salt, eggs, some fruits, onions, mayonnaise, and vinegar are harmful to silver. In any case, wash your silver jewelry right away or at least rinse it well with warm water, and don't leave silver sitting in dishwater that may contain traces of these foods.

* Method 4 of 9. Polish: Polish your silver jewelry. When tarnish develops on silver, simple hand washing may not suffice to remove it. Specially formulated silver jewelry polishes are your safest option for polishing silver jewelry. Take a bit of polish. Moisten a soft silver-polishing cloth or the sponge included with the silver polish and take a little bit of polish. Rub the silver jewelry gently. Rub the silver only in straight-line, back-and-forth motions (not in circles). Avoid scrubbing; rather, let the polish do the job. Rinse under running water. Dry the silver completely with a soft, clean cloth. Consider using common household products for less rare or less valuable pieces. They will usually work, but may cause damage. Try them at your own risk.

* Method 5 of 9. Toothpaste: Try toothpaste. Select a plain white toothpaste without the special whitening options. Take a soft, dampened cloth or a damp sponge and put some toothpaste on it. Gently rub over the silver jewelry in straight, back-and-forth motions. Alternatively, you can wet the silver piece and gently apply toothpaste directly to the surface which you can then wet again and proceed to polish. In any case, be very gentle, and if you notice scratching at any point, stop and rinse the toothpaste off. As the cloth or sponge becomes dark with tarnish, add more toothpaste to a clean part of the dampened cloth/sponge and continue gently polishing. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry with a soft towel.

* Method 6 of 9. Baking soda: Baking soda may remove stubborn tarnish, but don't use it unless you don't mind the risk of damaging the silver. Baking soda is generally considered too abrasive for use on silver jewelry. Make a paste of baking soda and warm water.

* Method 7 of 9. Bath: Give your silver a bath. Commercial silver "dips" are available which can dissolve stains without rubbing the silver jewelry. Contrary to what the word "dip" implies, professionals rarely actually soak silver in these products, at least not for long. Dips are generally harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals, so follow the directions carefully and consult a professional when in doubt. You can, however, make a gentle homemade silver bath that gets rid of stains and tarnish by an electrochemical reaction. Be aware that both dipping and electrochemical baths can potentially damage your silver, and they will remove desirable patina, so they're not recommended for silver with an oxidized or French gray finish.

* Method 8 of 9. Salt: Heat up an appropriately sized container of water and dissolve a large amount of table salt into the water. Use enough salt such that it takes at least a minute to dissolve in the hot water with constant stirring. Washing Soda works as well. Shape a liner for the container from aluminum foil and place the foil in the container of hot water. Place silver that has been previously cleaned with soap into the bath for several minutes. Tarnish should dissolve away. For stubborn spots, remove and clean with soap and a damp rag before re-immersing in the bath.

* Method 9 of 9. Storage: Store your silver jewelry correctly. Beyond prompt and frequent cleaning, the best way to preserve your silver is to store it correctly. Make sure each piece is completely dry before storing it.

***** Please refer to Wikihow for How to Clean Your Silver Jewelry by clicking the link provided below.